You, Me, And Everyone We Know Release Long-Awaited Sophomore Album Something Heavy


“I don’t really have words to summarize the 3,000 word musical summary of my descent into disability while becoming a blue collar mystic in the process of reckoning with a life of abuse and neglect during the slow collapse of civilization,” says singer-songwriter Benjamin Liebsch (pronouns: He/Him or They/Them; Ben is non-binary) of indie-punk stalwarts You, Me, And Everyone We Know and the release of their long awaited sophomore album Something Heavy today via Know Hope Records

In tandem with the album release, the band have also released a new music video for album track “Better Than I Ever Was.” “I would implore to listen to the album all the way through in a place where you’re comfortable feeling vulnerable. I don’t know if there is anything I can say now that I haven’t there and isn’t that the point of all this?”

Many records in the indie and alternative scene have taken on topics of existential crisis, asking big and difficult questions of life, but Ben made Something Heavy as a culmination of what’s on the other side of that plight.

Over the past ten years Ben has had a long and illuminating journey with their own mental health, building a strong background in mental and physical wellness that has shifted their music from asking the big questions to advancing the conversation and even discussing ways to move forward.

Many assume that an artists best work comes at their lowest moments, however Ben’s experience with mindfulness, meditation, and sobriety is a testament to the new creative elements that an artist can unlock when they’re on the healing path.

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