Today, multifaceted rising pop star YDE (​​pronounced EE-dee) oozes vulnerability on her new single, “Normal to Feel,” which arrives in advance of her debut EP SEND HELP, set for release on September 9 via Facet Records/Warner Records – pre-save HERE. Listen to “Normal to Feel” HERE and watch the striking music video with moving choreography HERE.

Over gentle acoustic arrangements and lush beds of piano, the Australian artist sings about the impulse to hide her true emotions. “I’m not even sure why I just cried,” she sings. “When I’m happy, I cover my smile.” It’s moving, and relatable for anyone who finds it tough to be introspective and honest.

Executive produced by YDESEND HELP thrives in stripped-back simplicity — letting raw emotions speak for themselves. In the leadup to “Normal to Feel,” the singer-songwriter examined societal trauma on “People Can Change.” In June, she showcased her knack for penning diaristic, highly relatable songs with “Old Her” on which she indulged childhood nostalgia and sorted through the complexities of young adulthood.

YDE first made waves with October 2020’s “Stopped Buying Diamonds,” co-written with mentor and Facet Records founder Justin Tranter, a tongue-in-cheek recognition that Gen Z is disastrous in the eyes of older generations. On SEND HELP, YDE proves you don’t need to have all the answers, so long as you’re brave enough to ask questions.

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