Today, whiterosemoxie releases two eclectic tracks “Ring The Alarm” & “stains,” in a multitrack single release titled ALL i’ve HEARD.

Watch “stains”:

ALL i’ve HEARD comes as the third iteration of multitrack releases from moxie as he will continue to release two tracks with their own umbrella title every three weeks. Fans will be able to follow the music in real time and choose their favorite tracks, eventually resulting in moxie’s fully fan curated 2021 debut album.

This autumn, moxie took his only trip during COVID after Rick Rubin invited him to Malibu to record at Shangri La. Sitting in the historic ‘sanctuary’ studio, moxie penned “Ring The Alarm”, recording it into the early morning hours alongside 2x platinum producer Roy Lenzo (Lil Nas X, 6ix9ine).

“Ring The Alarm makes me feel like Cali. It just feels like driving down the hills or walking down Sunset Blvd during the day. Sky is bright blue, not too hot out, just perfect.”

The second track “stains” is the product of moxie’s collaboration with producer WZRDBLD (Lil Wayne, Lil Peep). It’s the first song they made together during the session and with moxie’s determined energy, the track unfolded in just one take.

“This song came from me being in LA for the first time for an extended period of time. My first business link up. This song solidified how crazy ready I am feeling for everything.”

An innovative element to his monthly releases introduces fans to a ‘visual language’ and world of whiterosemoxie.

His previous release titled NOTHING is IDEAL features tracks “FindMyself” and “sstars.” The track art displayed four white roses to signify the addition of the two single releases, with each ‘stamp’ representing the specific release moment in moxie’s musical journey. ALL i’ve HEARD follows suit with track art featuring six roses.

As the ‘stamps’ accumulate with each multi-track release, moxie fans will be able to identify the exact moment they discovered their favorite track. By the end, the art will have grown into something entirely its own.

Both singles are a product of moxie’s unprecedented collaborative work ethic and with an incoming stream of new releases this year, he continues his ascent to becoming the most prolific artist in the game.

There are exciting things ahead for whiterosemoxie.


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