Vevo and Healy Release DSCVR Videos of “Nikes On” and “Part Of Me”

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Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, announces the release of Healy’s DSCVR performances of “Nikes On” and “Part Of Me” off his new album Tungsten. Vevo DSCVR focuses on the development of emerging artists, through performance content and careful curation. Vevo has a long history of helping emerging artists break through to new and wider audiences.

Past alumni of Vevo’s DSCVR series include Billie Eilish, AB6IX and Alfie Templeman. Vevo is committed to working with artists at an early stage of their career to create unique content that brings their music to life visually and provides exposure to new audiences through the platform.

Performing under only his last name, Healy embodies cardinal themes of his work like self-discovery and non-dualism. He released his debut album Subluxe in 2017 in the wake of his second year of medical school.  The album has nearly 60 million audio streams.  The lead single, “Unwind,” caught the internet on its heels, helping to establish Healy’s fixed presence as a promising multidimensional artist in a mercurial musical climate. His work is a fearless transgression—a tonal gradient with origins in classic and indie rock, soul, and Memphis rap.  The second single, “Reckless” has nearly 50 million streams.

Healy released his new album Tungsten in January of 2021, saying, “I’ve spent my whole life running from who I’m becoming. I finally took off my armor and made this project. It’s as vulnerable as it is understated—and it’s not perfect, but it’s me. I used to be scared of dying, and I’ve held the hardest grudge against time for as long as I can remember. But this album helped me let go and find peace in impermanence.

I look at albums like furnished little worlds we can escape to, and I’ve been living in Tungsten for the last 3 years, leaving the fridge door open, watering the ivy, falling asleep with the lights on, and leaving little notes and surprises hidden in the small places for you. Now, Tungsten is yours to live in for as long as you’d like. I hope it gives you the closure it gave me.”

“Nikes On” and “Part Of Me” are now streaming on all platforms. Keep up with exclusive content from artists all over the world on


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