Unloved Share New Track “Why Not”

Today Unloved have released a new single “Why Not”, available now via Heavenly Recordings. The track was featured in the first episode of Killing Eve’s third season, which launched this weekend on BBC. Listen to it HERE.
The Emmy-winning spy show Killing Eve has returned, and with it, a fresh batch of Unloved tracks old and new including new single “Why Not.” The track soundtracks a major gory scene in the first episode of the show’s third season, which premiered this weekend on BBC America.
“Something about this killer music filled me with a strange kind of defiance,” Unloved vocalist Jade Vincent says of the lyrics. “Suddenly I’m boldly retelling this lovelorn experience that really confused me to my core and changed me for the better. It’s an angsty cry of WHY! and a prideful response WHY NOT?! Or it could be the other way around. I still can’t tell because it felt so good, even with a hole in my heart.”
The story of the band Unloved begins in the mid-2010s, when David Holmes DJ’d at The Rotary Club, an old-Hollywood music salon run by fellow soundtrack artist Keefus Ciancia (True Detective) and singer Jade Vincent. Shared leanings towards “music inspired by Italian film music, French film music and French pop, but mixed with a ’60s girl-group sensibility” bonded the trio, who together create music to fill the space between past and present, where thoughts soften and ideas mingle with twisted mancini-esque orchestrations.
Following their 2016 debut LP Guilty Of Love, the band returned in 2019 with Heartbreak, a record emboldened by its predecessor to be more emotionally exposed, more musically, lyrically, and vocally audacious. Both Unloved albums form a majority of the soundtracks to Killing Eve, a swaggering, slippery, playfully punchy thriller of cat-and-mouse obsession. With Holmes operating as one of the show’s music supervisors, Killing Eve’s soundtrack is a pick’n’mix curation cut from the cloth of cinematic style but tailored with a moody, mischievous vivacity of their own. “It became very obvious early on,” Holmes recalls of the process, “that everyone had fallen in love with Unloved. It just seemed to fit like a glove.”
If Unloved’s dusky cool and dark romanticism became a goldmine, Holmes’ access to his band’s multitracks proved equally crucial. Instead of their songs popping up on-screen like afterthoughts, he was able to integrate the sound of Unloved at every level of the show, establishing a deep continuity: “There was a thread that linked everything because the music itself had a style, and an atmosphere, and a feeling.”
The original soundtracks to Killing Eve seasons one and two are available now via Heavenly Recordings. New tracks from Unloved will appear throughout the remainder of season three, with a new Unloved album in the works as well.

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Purchase or stream “Why Not” HERE
Purchase or stream Killing Eve OST HERE


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