Today, rappers Tireek and Lonely Leonard released their debut collaborative album CROOKLAND. Alongside the full-length, this weekend they will launch a CROOKLAND line of merch, with a portion of profits going to the NAACP’s Criminal Justice program.

Listen to CROOKLAND:

The duo grew up in the NYC-area — Tireek (22) in Brooklyn, and Lonely Leonard (21) in Bloomfield, NJ. The two artists relocated to Arizona for college, where they first met and began to collaborate last year. “Working together felt natural,” says Tireek. “The energy and chemistry was there from the start.” 

CROOKLAND paints a vivid image of harsh realities of the world, while simultaneously spreading a message of positivity. “With this album we really wanted to talk about the injustice and obstacles that our communities face on a daily basis,” Tireek says.

“People often don’t look at their privileges while also examining the people who are put at a disadvantage because of it. So we wanted to bring that to light…the other side that’s often ignored. With this project we just wanted to use our platform to the best of our ability and be a voice for the voiceless.”

“We made this for them, not for us,” Lonely Leonard adds. “People so quick to call us Crooks when they don’t even know us, I figured I’d introduce them to some.”

CROOKLAND is out now via Tireek and Lonely Leonard’s label Goat Gang. 


  1. Crook’s Theme (ft. Bailey Willow)
  2. Yellow (ft. Vandi)
  3. Hold On
  4. On My Block
  5. Spend It (ft. Samara Cyn and Magu)
  6. Brenda (ft. Comrade Tokyo)
  7. Kids See Goats
  8. Growing Pains
  9. Black Boys Don’t Cry (ft. DJ Porter)
  10. Where Is CROOKLAND?


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