The Godfather of Canadian hip hop, Maestro Fresh Wes (Wes Williams) is taking you back to school with his new single “Backpack Check” dropping Thursday, August 26th.  The single follows the release of Maestro’s successful children’s book, “Stick To Your Vision,” Young Maestro Goes To School.  “Backpack Check” is a back-to-school anthem to motivate young students as well as their parents and teachers.  The anthem produced by Rich Kidd was made for elementary school students going to a brand-new school or returning to the same school after the previous Covid disruptions.  “Backpack Check” sends an energetic, positive and inspiring message brought to you by the legendary Godfather of Hip hop, Maestro Fresh Wes.   

“Backpack Check” was inspired by Maestro’s family, teachers, friend and mentor DJ Greg and his own experiences in the music industry.  With the deep belief that given the right support kids will strive for greatness, Maestro is on a personal journey to inspire and motivate young students to be the best they can be.  No limitations.   From “Backbone Slide” to “Backpack Check,” Maestro Fresh Wes continues to lead by example and give back to the next generation and the industry that has given him so much….  The journey is just beginning. 

“The presence of family structure, mentorship, inspirational elementary school teachers and always hip hop in my life, has impacted my journey forever.”     Maestro Fresh Wes 


“Backpack Check” single and lyric video drops, Thursday, August 26th.  Full music video to follow.  


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