The Crown Recordings and Atlantic Records artist, KINGG BUCC, ushers in a new era in hip-hop Swiper Season!

Hip-hop’s evolution has been marked by seasons! Def Jam/Run DMC took hip-hop mainstream; Bad Boy/Biggie launched brands merging street culture with luxurious lifestyles; Cash Money/Hot Boys brought us Bling Bling; Ruthless Records/NWA introduced us to West Side and Gangsta Rap; Luke Records/2 Live Crew turned up in the clubs with Miami Bass; and Grand Hustle/T.I. took us into The Trap.

KINGG BUCC and THE CROWN are marking the beginning of the Swipe Life era with the release of his Swiper Season EP to be released on The Crown Recordings/Atlantic Records. The E.P. is produced by Grammy nominated producer DJ Hardwerk (Cardi B, Major Lazer, Camila Cabello).

Kingg Bucc’s single “Big Shot,” is the 1st single from the Swiper Season E.P. which drops December 6th just in time for the naughty or nice list. The Crown will host a series of Kingg Bucc curated events and release parties in key cities around the country. Access will depend on if you swipe naughty or nice!

“There’s the black market and then there’s the street market! Anyone from the hood knows that if you want something, there are ways to get it,” shares Bucc. “I was interested in producing and swiped some computer equipment, a keyboard, and a MPC. At the time I had no idea how to use them, but I knew the producers who I looked up to – Kanye and Timbaland – created their early tracks on an MPC. I never thought I’d become a rapper!”

Born in Haiti, Kingg Bucc spent a few years in The Bahamas, and was raised in Miami’s Little Haiti and Victory Park. His infectious melodies, clever punchlines, and over the top personality grabs your attention solidifying his spot as one of the most amazing and interesting lyricists to come out of Miami. The signature style you hear on Swiper Season, is inspired by the medley of cultures (Haitians, Cubans, Jamaicans, Nicaraguan, Peruvians, African-Americans) Bucc was exposed to growing up. “My musical DNA that is different from The Bass Sound that Miami hip-hop is known for. You’ll hear music on Swiper Season that borrows from difference influences and brings cadence, metaphors, lyricism, humor, wit, and wordplay back into hip-hop,” he shares.

“The game needs more stars and Kingg Bucc is one of the most entertaining, talented, and unique artists I’ve ever met,” says music industry veteran Duwayne “DaDa” Mills, CEO of The Crown, and former Vice President of Epic Records who also signed Skip Marley and A&R’d albums for Monica, Ca$h Out, Stephen Marley, and Prince Royce. “The lane is wide open for someone with Kingg Bucc’s type of personality, style, and swag. Everything about him screams star!” That’s saying a lot from DaDa who has also managed superstars like Sean Paul and Fergie during his time at management firm, DAS Communications.

Darrale Jones, Senior Vice President of A&R at Atlantic Records (Cardi B, Lupe Fiasco, Gucci Mane) adds, “Star power can’t be bought or taught; some artists just have it! You either have it or you don’t. KINGG BUCC HAS IT ALL!”

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