Today, the most menacing MC in NYC SosMula of City Morgue unloads the music video for his new single “GUN SPORT” via Hikari Ultra/Republic Records. It’s the opening track and latest single from his debut album, 13 SONGS 2 DIE 2, out now. 


Listen to 13 Songs 2 Die 2HERE

The frenetic video mirrors the skittering intensity of the track. SosMula and his homies do donuts in souped-up cars at night underneath a New York bridge, practically scarring the pavement in the process. We also catch him in his element surrounded by twerking models and spitting smart bomb precise bars through a haze of smoke. It’s classic SosMula through and through.

Right out of the gate, 13 SONGS 2 DIE 2 earned praise from the likes of HotNewHipHop who wrote “the aggressive flows will have you blowing off some steam all while the instrumentals will make you want to rush to the gym.”  

He initially preceded this body of work with the insurgent anthem “Criminal,” generating over a million streams and views right out of the gate. On the album, he attracted a powerhouse guest list of fellow disruptors, including Nascar Aloe on “STAIN,Jasian on “CANT FEEL MY FACE,” XanMan on “LIL PSYCHOS, and Brooklyn drill firestarter Bizzy Banks for “WHIP PARKED. Not to mention, his City Morgue brother ZillaKami pulls up for the bold and brutally catchy “BOOGALOO.

Experience 13 SONGS 2 DIE 2 now! Stay tuned for more from SosMula.

SosMula doesn’t just break the boundaries between genres—he demolishes them beyond all recognition. Originally hailing from São Paulo, he eventually settled in New York, rapping professionally at just 15-years-old. Trouble was never too far behind him though, and after a stint in jail, he linked up with now partner-in-crime ZillaKami on the day he got out. Finding a devilish nook in the middle of metal, trap, rock, and “gangster shit, he owns this realm. City Morgue has accomplished the unprecedented, elevating the underground into the mainstream without losing any grit. After the success of CITY MORGUE VOL. 1 HELL OR HIGHWATER, the group’s 2019 sophomore set CITY MORGUE VOL. 2: AS GOOD AS DEAD captured the #1 spot on the Billboard Top Rock Albums Chart and #1 on the Apple Music Rock Albums Chart. The 2020 follow-up TOXIC BOOGALOO EP bowed at #96 on the Billboard Top 200, #9 on the Billboard Top Album Sales Chart, #6 on the Billboard Alternative Albums Chart, #13 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums Chart, and #4 on the Nielsen Music Digital Albums Chart. At the same time, they’ve racked up 100 million-plus streams and 100 million-plus views to date. SosMula’s voice has also raged through collaborations with everyone from Denzel Curry to Post Malone signee Clever. With otherworldly allure and downright dangerously potent bars, he makes the alchemy of rap and metal darker than ever.

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