Gearing up for the release of her highly anticipated sophomore album due out next year, powerhouse R&B singer and songwriter Sinéad Harnett is back with the official video for her latest surefire hit “Take Me Away” with EARTHGANG.

EARTHGANG’s Johnny Venus, which highlights individualism, the importance of community, and shines a light on the Black Lives Matter movement in a powerful closing statement of hope and empowerment.

On her new video, Harnett shares, “This year taught us more than we maybe knew was fathomable. It taught me how messed up the world really is. But it taught me about what truly matters. Equality, love, peace, and hope. This video was a chance to illustrate escapism, to empower, to feel free. Directed by Andre Muir who took time and care to create a piece that was about more than just the song, but also the times we’re living in. And to my friend Johnny Venus, thank you for adding your magic and wonder.”


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