Nepalese producer Sagun has today announced his new EP feathers, set for release on April 10th via London based artist services company Platoon. He has also shared the lead track from the project “it’s too late to keep it together” and its accompanying video, in collaboration with Melbourne animation house Studio Showoff. The video is the second in a trilogy and depicts Sagun’s animated character. The single also features R&B duo The KTNA on vocals. 

Speaking about the new EP and single, Sagun said:

For it’s too late to keep it together, The KTNA & I were just making music and all of the sudden we all caught a vibe. The vibe was that lonely and empty feeling that we all experience at some point in life and the track basically just wrote itself from there. 

This EP project was totally experimental and at first, I had no idea how it was gonna go. I was really nervous because it was my first time in the studio with all the people around me while I make music.” 

Before travelling to London for the first time in February 2019 to record new music and collaborate with other musicians, the Twenty-One-year-old Sagun had never left his home country, or even owned a passport. Having taught himself digital audio software Fruity Loops after being inspired by the work of American rapper and producer J. Cole, Sagun began quietly uploading his music to streaming services.

The first track released publicly in 2017 via Platoon,”I’ll Keep You Safe,” has gone on to gain more than 35,000,000 plays on Spotify alone and immediately marked him out as a prodigiously talented producer. Since then he has gone on to release a number of further singles and EPs, including 2018’s height & yellow hills EPs and has racked up more than 70,000,000 streams in the process, maintaining complete anonymity until now.

With his new EP feathersSagun is pushing his sound into new and unexpected directions. The EP’s focus tracks “it’s too late to keep it together” and “i miss the old you,” feature fellow Platoon artists, Kali Claire and The KTNA and speak to an increasingly confident and mature Sagun, an artist ready to let the world into his ever-expanding musical universe. 

The feathers EP will be released on April 10. 

feathers track-listing

  1. fusion
  2. i miss the old you
  3. it’s too late to keep it together
  4. people change
  5. do I solve all your problems?
  6. sidewalk

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