Lo-fi producer sagun and Swedish artist Carl Storm have released a brand new EP titled solitude today via Platoon. With both artists rooted across the globe from one another, the duo collaborated together remotely over the course of several months to craft the meditative four-song EP.

Despite the distance, however, solitude serves as a collection of music that’s sonically and lyrically intimate in nature. Combining sagun’s signature production touch with Carl’s ethereal vocals, the tracks featured on solitude offer self-reflective explorations of love, loneliness and the painful voids within the relationships that mean the most to us. 

sagun and Carl have also debuted a visual listening experience alongside the release today, which they created as an immersive counterpart for solitude. Featuring both artists in their respective bedroom studios in Nepal and Sweden, the animated video channels the ambience of the EP while providing listeners with a melancholy visual backdrop as they listen to each song. Listen to solitude in-full and watch the visual listening experience now HERE

  1. i miss the silence
  2. phone by my ear
  3. don’t you go
  4. lost boy

 “I came to know Carl via my manager,” says sagun about collaborating with Carl. “We were just sending ideas back and forth. After he sent some great vocals, I did what I could on the production side and it turned out to be really amazing. We ended up creating these four songs very effortlessly and following that, we brainstormed the animation together.

It turned out so well, and I’m excited to show this to the world. The whole project was so fun to work on & more importantly, Carl and I great time while making it.”

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