RENCE RELEASES ALTERNATE VERSION OF “DARKSIDE” featuring 23-year-old alt R&B singer/songwriter marcos g

“I don’t know if ‘Darkside’ will ever feel done to me. It’s a song that lives at the crux of a crisis I’m not sure I’ll never escape. So I wanted to introduce a new personality to the track, to tell another story about someone else’s darkside, so maybe we could get close to conclusion. Marcos has been killing everything he touches lately so I wanted to stay right in my community for this new version of the song.” – Rence

“Before I was asked to hop on the song I already thought Rence had a great song on his hands, so when I was asked, I’m not gonna lie, I got real excited. It’s those kind of moments where things just aligned. What I really love about this song is that it’s about the “darkside” of your personality, the part you try to hide, but in this case we have a whole song about it! Very glad this one is finally out.” – marcos g

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