Today, following months of viral and street-approved singles, Remble releases his hotly anticipated debut mixtape, It’s Remble, on Warner Records. The project offers an extended look at the rising Los Angeles rapper’s wry humor, agile flow, and vivid in-the-field vignettes.

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It’s Remble arrives as Remble’s buzz has become deafening. Fans in L.A. and abroad have been clamoring for more of the singular delivery, sharp writing, and sneering humor that have made Remble an indomitable West Coast force. It’s Remble provides an occasion for those fans to revisit all of his witty and increasingly popular singles, including “Touchable,”“Ted Talk,”“No Competition,”“Gordon R Freestyle,” and “Ruth’s Chris Freestyle,” his collaboration with Stinc Team monarch Drakeo the Ruler. But it also offers a whole host of new moments of dizzying technical skill and hilarious lyricism.

Rapping over sinister production, Remble continues to showcase his colorful bars alongside elite coastal peers like Sacramento living legend Mozzy (“I Mean It”) and the deadpan L.A. duo BlueBucksClan (“Book Bag”). On “Audible,” one of the tape’s obvious standouts, Remble shines next to B.A., using his distinctive delivery to frame boasts and threats to his opposition as concerned advice. “I don’t think you have any money, and we should talk about it / Remble walked outside of the room, and they started talking ‘bout him,” he rhymes over thundering drums and eerie melodies.

 I can’t help if I clutch the burner when I have arguments / Think about it — you’d have your life if you wasn’t popping it.” You can almost see Remble smirking after each couplet. It’s Remble continues the ascent that began with 2018’s “Fortnite,” an uptempo freestyle that features his most notable qualities: colorful, casual gunplay, stone-faced humor, and a flexible flow. While he’s still in the early stages of his career, Remble receives 6M streams per week and has over 46M total streams. Clever videos like June’s “Touchable” have racked up millions of views on YouTube, and other songs, like “Gordon R Freestyle,” have started to go viral on TikTok.

Now that fans can listen to both his early hits and new smashes on It’s Remble, his numbers and position in the rap world will only continue to rise.  IT’S REMBLE TRACKLIST:1. Touchable2. Ted Talk 3. No Competition4. I Mean It (feat. Mozzy)5. Ruth’s Chris Freestyle (feat. Drakeo the Ruler)6. Ask Madden7. Never Tell Freestyle8. Watch How You Talk to Me9. Audible (feat. B.A.)10. Gordon R Freestyle11. Book Bag (feat. BlueBucksClan)12. Firesticc (feat. B.A.)13. It’s Been Real (feat. Billy West)


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