Coming off the heels of the release of her heart-stopping and ruthless new album IgnoRANT (Magnetic Moon Records), the multi-talented rapper, skilled visual artist, and accomplished model RACQUEL JONES is releasing the video for her song “Hurt.”

Rapper, Painter, and Model  RACQUEL JONES Unveils Visual Artist Process As She Creates Artwork On Video for "HURT"

Every track on IgnoRANT tackles complicated issues that affect massive populations while dodging the mainstream discourse due to their controversial nature. Though many of these tracks are very outward looking, criticizing larger systematic oppressions, “Hurt” is one of the tracks that turns inward to examine more personal topics of self-love, relationships, and pain on the individual level.

The stark and piercing video features Racquel, the artist, painting an original piece of art on a blank canvas. She completes the art throughout the video, displaying her process and technique before unveiling the powerful finished piece at the end – all while simultaneously playing out a poignant relationship narrative.

‘Hurt’ is a collision of performance art and emotional pain, climaxing into a cathartic release in a creative controlled space,” says Jones. “Visual art and music has always been my release; the way I make sense of what I’m feeling, and the space most conducive and comfortable for me to retreat and heal. This video is literally a voyage into this emotional, psychological and artistic process. No script. No plans of what to paint. Stripped down with a blank canvas, painting my feelings, feeling my words, with palpable emotions of being hurt, with pain hovering and taunting, as I seek to release it once and for all. The end result of this release culminates into a picture, immortalizing and representing the relief of finally releasing.

This video symbolizes a space for others to break, fall apart, confront the pain, tell it what it did, heal, be relieved then embrace a new day.

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