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The third studio album from Quinn XCII, A Letter To My Younger Self, is officially available everywhere now via Columbia Records.
With the album release comes a new lyric video for the warped and woozy track “Am I High Rn” feat. blackbear. “This song is song about being high for the first time and dealing with the feelings of paranoia, excitement, worry,” says Quinn XCII. “It really encapsulates the ability to just accept what you’re observing and let things be as they are.”
With his new album, the Detroit-bred artist expands on the soul-baring honesty of his 2019 sophomore effort From Michigan With Love, sharing a candid look back on the chaos of adolescence. And while his lyrics focus in on so many formative experiences— the confusion of a hopeless crush in “Stacy”, the pain of dealing with paralyzing shyness in “Notice Me”, moving on from relationships in “Meeting Strangers” —A Letter To My Younger Self ultimately attests to the joy of living in the moment and learning to trust your instincts at any age or phase of life. It unfolds with a nostalgia-soaked but forward-thinking collision of pop, hip-hop, alternative, and soul. The result is a body of work that radiates an undeniable hope even as Quinn XCII dives into painful subject matter, each track elevated by his warm vocal presence, kinetic rhythms, and complex yet addictive melodies.
“The message I want to get across is to not beat yourself up too much when things in life aren’t going your way,” Quinn XCII adds. “In those moments, some things may seem like the most intense and important thing you’ll ever go through, but try to remember that it’s all just a very small chapter in a much greater life story.”
A Letter To My Younger Self is available now.

  1. Am I High Rn (feat. blackbear)
  2. Stacy
  3. Sleep While I Drive (feat. Ashe)
  4. Second Time Around
  5. Coffee (feat. Marc E. Bassy)
  6. Notice Me
  7. A Letter To My Younger Self (feat. Logic)
  8. More Than Friends
  9. Mad At Me
  10. Two 10s
  11. Meeting Strangers
  12. Everything I Need


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