With an inimitable vision of her own, pop music’s triple threat (singer/songwriter, producer, actress) YDE (pronounced EE dee) releases her anxiously awaited debut EP SEND HELP today via Facet Records/Warner Records – listen HERE. Executive produced by YDE, the nine-track collection illuminates multiple sides of the songstress as she tells an often thrilling and always engaging story.

On “Where’s The Fun In Truth, bright piano glimmers beneath her dynamic vocals with a confession uplifted by acoustic guitar, “I’m aware of the mistakes that I am making. Elsewhere, “Uncomfortable” represents a moment of raw and unfiltered vulnerability with an accompanying music video that dropped today – watch HERE.

Then, there’s “Never Too Young. Claps and a buoyant beat drive towards a swooning horn section as a bold and biting hook takes hold, “You’re never too young to fall in love with…all the prescription drugs we’re taking. Bookended by “How Did We Get Here (Intro)” and “Outro,” SEND HELP welcomes listeners into YDE’s world with open arms, shining a light on her clever sense of humor and unfiltered perspective.

Recently, the Australian artist set the stage for the EP with “Normal To Feel,” “Old Her,” and “People Can Change,” garnering the attention of V Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, MTV, Billboard and more. All of the music videos on SEND HELP create an immersive story with open-hearted honesty. With more surprises in store, YDE might just have the sonic “help” we all needed.

YDE first made waves with October 2020’s “Stopped Buying Diamonds,” co-written with mentor and Facet Records founder Justin Tranter, a tongue-in-cheek recognition that Gen Z is disastrous in the eyes of older generations. On SEND HELPYDE proves you don’t need to have all the answers, so long as you’re brave enough to ask questions. 

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