Today, Phabo, R&B’s newest one to watch releases his debut album ‘Soulquarius’ on Soulection Records & Over Everything. Laced with a guest appearances from Destin Conrad, Rexx Life Raj and inimitable production work by LosHendrix (SZA, Giveon, Childish Gambino) & Louie Lastic (Goldlink, Masego, Kali Uchis) who takes the role of Executive Producer, Phabo bares his soul as he sings of love, lust, musings, heartbreak, passion and more. The 16-track debut is an intoxicating experience that captures a West Coast ethos – it’s a spellbinding, immersive indulgence.

Palm trees details Phabo’s independent journey. “It’s An honest conversation about moments of self-doubt and imposter syndrome and using L.A’s beautiful weather as a reminder that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be,” the singer explains. “An ode to the golden era of bad boy (112, Faith Evans, Total) Palm trees brings about a strong sense of nostalgia, packed with a strong message.”

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Phabo has already established himself as a driving force in the songwriting scene regularly sharing the gift of his pen with artists like Kehlani, Kyle Dion & Jahkoy. Soulquarius, harks back to the pioneering classic soul and R&B sounds of artists like D’Angelo and Questlove – the original Soulquarians – drawing influences from the rotating collective of experimental Black music artists in the late 90’s and early 00’s while also incorporating contemporary R&B. 

Phabo’s debut full length project marks the beginning of a new era in music. The album title derived from both his zodiac and heavy R&B influence, ‘Soulquarius’ takes us on a city-to-city journey through Phabo’s unique lens with the focal destination being ‘Polaris,’ the North Star.

‘Soulquarius’ Tracklist:

1. The Phabo Show (ft. Alex Vaughn)

2. Supermodel

3. LNF

4. The Homie

5. John Henry

6. Beam

7. Slippery (ft. DESTIN CONRAD)

8. Polaris

9. Palm Trees

10. Local

11. ATL

12. Soulquarius

13. Jelly

14. S550 (ft. MNTRA)

15. @Me (ft. Rexx Life Raj)

16. How’s My Driving


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