Los Angeles based indie artist Onsen shares his latest song “Golden Heart” today, a track that deals with the pivotal moment when someone finds out their ex-partner has a new love. The song, which is co-produced by Miguel’s GRAMMY-nominated producer Brook D’Leau, debuted earlier today via Buzzbands. The tastemaker site said of Onsen, “his adroitly crafted synth-pop is the stuff of personal relations, as his airy vocals and cinematic production frame his often melancholic negotiations with heartache.”

Onsen explains, “I wrote this when I found out that a long term partner was starting to see someone new. In that moment it’s easy to question every choice you made in the relationship and to wonder if you might want them back. At the very least, it’s the moment a breakup feels definitive. As such, this song is an unexpected emotional upwelling, a mix of wistfulness and gratitude for what you had.”

He further divulges, “I think this experience is a pretty universal one for people of every orientation. I love the idea that someone very different from me might see themselves in my music while being surprised by the musical strangeness of it. There’s a moment where the song switches into an 11/13 signature like the jarring arrival of bad news.”

Drew Straus, aka Onsen, draws on personal experiences to examine create his unusual musical worlds. With each of his track releases he explores a new singular experience, many related to love and loss in the queer world of Los Angeles.. His recent singles were covered on Nylon, Flaunt, Northern Transmissions, and American Songwriter’s ‘Best New Music.’ Not to mention, Sia added his single “Charming Nights” to her selective ‘Ear Candy’ Spotify playlist and the track has been aired on the legendary Los Angeles iHeartRadio rock station KROQ, reaching #3 on the ‘Locals Only’ show.

Originally born in Boston but raised in Paris, with two shrinks for parents, Onsen draws
inspiration from a variety of different influences. He’s done everything from doing public policy for Google and working production in television, to exploring Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil in a 1982 VW Westfalia as a journalist writing on environmental issues and indigenous communities’ rights. As an artist, he does all his own stunts on the new project, playing guitar, keys, bass, singing and producing. Onsen resides in Echo Park and is fluent in English, French, Spanish and some Portuguese.

For more info and artist updates, connect with Onsen on social media and follow him on streaming platforms.

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