Mounting a highly anticipated return for alternative music in 2020, multi-platinum chart-topping alternative quartet Neon Trees—whose RIAA double platinum #1 singles such as “Everybody Talks” and “Animal” have helped generate over 550 million streams and counting—return with their first new single in five years, “Used To Like,” available today. The new single follows their critically acclaimed album, Pop Psychology, which debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200 and bowed at #1 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums Chart.

Most importantly, the song heralds the arrival of their anxiously awaited fourth full-length out next year! It sets the stage for what promises to be their biggest and boldest chapter yet built on one of the most solid legacies in alternative music over the past decade marked by platinum certifications worldwide and unanimous acclaim.

Used To Like” kicks this chapter off for the band with a bang. The single upholds a tradition of clever and catchy anthems for the group, and continues their sizzling signature sound cast in synth soul and rooted in robust guitars with a danceable beat. Under a disco ball glow, they once again serve up introspective, yet infectious lyrics about a relationship on a downslope.

Frontman Tyler Glenn urges, “Now you’re saying I’m acting crazy, and I don’t see what you see, get back to what you used to like about me.”

Regarding the single’s deep meaning, Tyler comments, “There’s a bliss period in a relationship with another person where you’re not able to see the flaws or the problems, because the joy of being together over shadows it. All the things that complicate it or scare you are the very things you used to like about it. This song is about wanting so bad to get back to that time, that feeling, that energy, and the lengths you will go to in order to get there.”

Used To Like” follows a quiet period for Neon Trees. Following a triumphant 2015 headliner, the group took a break with Tyler dropping solo music and making his acclaimed Broadway debut starring in Kinky Boots in 2018. Inspired by the production, he turned his attention towards Neon Trees earlier this year as the group inked a new partnership with ADA and collectively wrote its next era years in the making.

Now, that era begins with “Used To Like”.

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