“The video calls upon Bad Girls Club and Girls Gone Wild, as a set of the fiery musician’s sexy girlfriends play-fight on a trashed mattress, pour drinks on each other, and tackle the ‘resident bad boy,’ autographing his abs.” – Office Magazine


“The Slayyyter-approved pop singer paints a damn good picture of a sexy post-vax night out. Press play to be instantly transported to your dimly lit dance floor of choice, no clubbing attire or $50 Uber ride home required. – MTV

Provocative pop phenomenon Miss Madeline arrives today with the much-anticipated official music video for her latest single, “Bad Girls.” The Leander Capuzzo-directed, megasuperstarprincess-styled visual is available to watch on Miss Madeline’s official YouTube Channel HERE.

“Every pop star needs their bad girls moment…” Miss Madeline confides in an exclusive interview with Office Magazine, “… so this is mine.”

Miss Madeline is back with ‘Bad Girls,’ an x-rated anthem for all the ‘sick girls, nasty girls, dirty girls, sexy girls,”” writes PAPER, accompanied by a list curated by Miss Madeline of Top 10 “Bad Girls” that inspire the young pop star’s artistry, including Lindsey Lohan, Janet Jackson, Amanda Lepore and Uffie, to name a few.

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