Classically trained Italian musician Marco Parisi has officially announced that his forthcoming debut solo record Untitled will arrive on October 29th via Platoon. The ambient album will be the first of its kind, recorded solely using a Seaboard instrument. A Seaboard is an innovative type of keyboard-style MIDI controller that allows users to achieve the same level of expression on an electronic instrument as they might on an acoustic instrument. See below for tracklisting information. 


Marco has also premiered “Lyra” today, the latest single from Untitled. The song follows “Flying to America,” Marco’s debut offering from the project which was released earlier this summer. Speaking about “Lyra,” Marco says:
“Lyra came out of me in the most natural way, like I was telling a story. I was actually searching for a more concise piece for the record: a short emotional journey that could leave you with a sense of serenity, like you’ve just come back home. The main inspirations for this piece have been the Brian Eno unique ethereal worlds and the simple but so incredibly powerful melodies of Ennio Morricone.”

Led by “Lyra” and “Flying To America,” Untitled showcases twelve tracks that were recorded in minimal takes, often improvised around anything Marco was inspired by at a given time. From traveling abroad to family, love and life experiences, the project captures a kaleidoscopic array of soundscapes and emotions, with sonic peaks and valleys that mirror life’s most intimate and grandiose moments.


  1. Flying To America
  2. Symbols
  3. Pure
  4. New Horizons
  5. Binaural
  6. Ren
  7. Celestial
  8. Lyra
  9. Tibet
  10.  High Fundamental
  11.  Renaissance
  12.  Pianiver

Growing up in Salerno in Italy, music was incredibly important to Marco from a very young age. His father is a piano player and songwriter whose huge appetite for music meant that Marco and his brother Jack were raised on a diet of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Bach and Beethoven. Marco trained in classical piano at the age of twelve, playing to the standards of a conservatoire and going on to become a multi-instrumentalist, with a deep understanding of jazz music and harmony. 

Marco’s career as a musician began to take off following a show in Frankfurt. Jordan Rudess of the Metal band Dream Theater noticed the unusual way Marco played the keyboard, bending the note by mimicking the left-and-right movement like the vibrato of a guitar. Intrigued, Rudess invited Marco to London and introduced him to Roland Lamb, founder of ROLI and inventor of the Seaboard, an innovative new instrument that allows the player to achieve the same level of expression on an electronic instrument as on an acoustic one.

Word soon caught on in the music industry about Marco’s talents and after watching him live, asked Marco and his brother Jack to produce what would become his 2017 single “FIYAH”. As Marco and Jack transitioned into full-time writers and producers, their credits became evermore impressive, from RZA’s single No Refuge to working with producer FRED on Ed Sheeran’s GRAMMY-nominated record, No.6 Collaborations Project. The FRED collaborations continued with Marco and Jack having six co-production and co-writing credits on Fred Again’s debut album ‘Actual Life’. The pair also co-produced Ed Sheeran’s single ‘Afterglow’ and provided additional production on his new single ‘Bad Habits’. 

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