Today, rising pop artist Mallory Merk releases her reflective new EP Thorns, a seven-song collection that illustrates her constantly questioning spirit and relentless search for authenticity. Listen HERE via Warner Records. The EP includes the anthemic title track and recent single “Isolate Myself,” which V Magazine praised as “[serving] full ‘90s grunge.” 

Recorded in Joshua Tree and Los Angeles, Thorns shows the full spectrum of Mallory‘s emotions and musical interests, with tracks like the swaying yet anxiety-tinged “Isolate Myself,” the goth-leaning character study “We’re Not the Same,” and the shimmering, danceable vibe of “Cancel Your Plans” highlighting the new frontiers of her sound as well as a seductive cover of Semisonic‘s 1998 hit “Secret Smile,” which reveals the roots of her finely tuned songcraft.

The title track of Thorns is a triumphant shout-along anthem for women who don’t want to fit into the boxes forced onto them by society. The Elan Bia-directed video depicts Mallory as a rock star and an angel, defying the conventions placed on each archetype with passion and cleverness. That refusal to be neatly labeled or categorized is reflective of the vulnerable yet resilient songs collected on Thorns

“There’s a vulnerability in saying, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing, and I am insecure sometimes, and stuff does get to me,” says Mallory. “I love Thorns because it’s about being a woman and being free—but it’s also about not being perfect.” 

Recorded with producers like Dan Farber (Lizzo, Tkay Maidza) and 9am (Leon BridgesTy Dolla $ign), Thorns builds on Mallory‘s already-impressive discography in an astonishing way, using her love of pop music, remarkable life story, and ever-developing writing skills as building blocks for songs that will emotionally resonate with audiences around the world. 

“I love writing. I’m truly a writer at heart,” says Mallory. Thorns is my story, but however it resonates with you is what’s important.” 

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