Today, Montreal-born, New Jersey-raised artistLove Mansuy has premiered a new music video for “Four Seasons,” a song from his recently released EP (món-swee). Directed by Caine Harmon (a.k.a. Caine Casket), the video for “Four Seasons” stars Love Mansuy tackling time and space, the highs and lows and the changing of the seasons in a relationship.

Last month, Love released the final side of his two-sided (món-swee) EP, which was accompanied by a documentary short that follows the singer-songwriter back home to the place that shaped him; documenting Love as he excavates his past in order to make sense of his present.

(món-swee) is the follow-up to Love’s 2019 debut EP Of Agewhich was released exactly one year ago. To commemorate its anniversary, Vinyl Me, Please has announced an exclusive custard Of Age vinyl release, which is available to pre-order HERE and will be on sale January 2021.

(món-swee) is another display of candid songwriting from Love Mansuy, a young father who’s exploring relationships, vulnerability, masculinity and love in his lyrics. The combined EPs show the dynamism in Love’s sound and story. This latest body of work features appearances from Love’s son Carter Mansuy (“I’ll Be There”) and Liv.e (“Thrill”), with the music videos and documentary filmed by Love’s childhood friend Quran Squire.


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