Count On You feat. Lil Wayne Artwork


New Jersey R&B singer, Love Mansuy, has shared his stellar “Count On You” track featuring Lil Wayne. In April, Love Mansuy released this rendition of the song, which is featured on his 2019 debut EP, Of Age, as an Amazon Original. “Count On You” came together organically and shows the breadth of the 27-year-old’s ability to captivate with his voice. His Of Age EP was met with acclaim from the likes of Complex, Pigeons & Planes, Essence, DJ Booth and more.

“Being a student of music and the game, Wayne is hip-hop’s Kobe Bryant to me. I was just a kid when I started observing Wayne. His dedication to his craft, his individuality and pure genuineness as a person has always appealed to me. Not only did he revolutionize music with his mixtapes and albums, but he cultivated his own sound that in turn cultivated a generation,” said Love Mansuy. “So for a legend like him to recognize my work and respect it enough to jump on my single, a song in which I contemplate the difficulties of choosing to pursue music while raising a son with my partner, is something you can only dream of. Being an artist is not easy, but Lil Wayne has taught me with hard work and dedication, you can do anything and his blessing means the world to me.”

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