Today 23-year-old Congolese recording artist Lous and the yakuza releases her track “Tout est gore”. Produced by El Guincho (Rosalía), the track is available everywhere via Columbia Records. Listen to the track here.

Says Lous, “’Tout est gore’ is a trap song. “Tout est gore” is when it is so bloody that it becomes funny. “Tout est gore” is about living in the fast lane. Being extra in everything you do. Like life has been an extra bitch to you so many times. Laugh at it and live faster. Twerk stronger. Because this has been your sole way to exorcize your pain since forever.”

A visual artist, Lous and the yakuza released a stunning video alongside the track; watch here. A collaboration with video director Wendy Morgan, the video is complete with Wendy’s signature choreography aesthetic of emotive, dancing bodies and all of the emotions captured within movement.

“Tout est gore” follows the release of her debut track “Dilemme” which had an auspicious European debut. The French language song got the support from such tastemakers as BBC1 Annie Mac and Antidote. Watch the dance based video for “Dilemme”, also directed by Wendy Morgan in collaboration with Lous, here.

Both “Dilemme” and “Tout est gore” are the first two tracks from Gore, Lous’ debut album, to be released in 2020.

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