These tracks represent a wide span of Gus’s music. This album combines roughly a dozen tracks of unreleased music with several other tracks that come from a variety of self-released albums/mixtapes. At first, I had put together about a dozen tracks that I felt went well together because they were clusters of tracks that Gus had made with a variety of collaborators and which related to each other in both a chronological and musical manner.

Several of the collaborators knew each other, and even overlapped on a couple of the tracks. Musically, little groups of tracks connected with each other. I could picture how Gus had worked in sessions to make different groups of tracks. I could see how his music both changed with each session, with each producer, with each collaborator. Yet I could also hear these tracks were connected with each other. Some have the guitar, some have the big trap sound, others have no drums at all and sound more like love songs.

I contacted each of the collaborators and told them about the tracks, and my reason for putting them all together on an album. I explained my logic for placing the songs together on one album. They all agreed with my idea, with one collaborator even saying: “It’s the honest truth—the good, the bad, and the ugly.” So, with their blessing, I proceeded.

Then Everybody’s Everything was shown in Austin, and the idea of a “soundtrack” album was tossed around. I didn’t want to lose these roughly one dozen tracks, and I yet I understood why it made sense to include songs from the film—older tracks—on this album. So, the album became big.

Jay suggested adding certain songs that represented different self-released mixtapes (all of which I hope very much to release one day), such as Ghost Boy (Lil Peep Part 1), White Tee (Crybaby), Live Forever (Live Forever), Walk Away as the Door Slams (Hellboy), and Keep My Coo—the entirely unknown song from November, 2014—made just after Gus had turned 18.

Now, suddenly, we had a big, luscious album. This was going to be a big gift, a big celebration of Gus’s music. And at the same time, parts of it can be taken as a preview into the past–for people who have not listened to Gus’s original, self-released music. For both the long-time Peep fans, and the newly initiated Peep fans, we have several beautiful mix-tapes to look forward to—I hope.

Gus was very particular about his work. He celebrated and made public what he was proud of, and he deleted what he decided was not good enough, what he did not want his fans to hear.

It is essential to me that the music Gus made remain as he had made it. So, for that reason, we basically had his music files mastered. Therefore, what you hear on this album is the music Gus made, unadulterated, but mastered for this format. The music is incredible. He mixed his own vocals. He knew what he was doing.

I am proud to be able to release these unreleased tracks, finally. I am excited to offer a taste of what once was, and is yet to be released in the future, hopefully.


Today, Lil Peep’s Everybody’s Everything, a continuation of the profound legacy of this genre-bending artist is released. Comprised of 19 tracks, this album spans Lil Peep’s influential career, and represents the incredible music that inspired the documentary film of the same name, Everybody’s Everything—which premiered in select theaters on November 12 and is now nationwide.

Executive Produced by Terrence Malick, Everybody’s Everything the critically-acclaimed documentary on the life and career of Lil Peep will see a wider theatrical release due to the tremendous box office response from fan event screenings, which were held earlier this week. With fan event screenings grossing nearly $400,000 in the U.S., and approximately $750,000 globally and an increase in demand from theatrical bookers, Everybody’s Everything will now open this weekend in 31 theaters in 18 top U.S. markets.

The Everybody’s Everything album is available in a variety of digital and physical formats, including a 2LP set in gatefold packaging with an array of unseen photos from his life and career. Order it HERE and find exclusive merch and vinyl at the official website for The Estate of Gustav Elijah Ahr,

Full track listing below.

Everybody’s Everything tracklist:

  1. Liar
  2. AQUAFINA (ft. Rich The Kid)
  3. RATCHETS (w/ Lil Track & Diplo)
  4. Rockstarz (ft. Gab3)
  5. LA To London (ft. Gab3)
  6. Fangirl (ft. Gab3)
  7. Text Me (ft. Era)
  9. Moving On
  10. Belgium
  11. When I Lie
  12. I’ve Been Waiting (ft. ILOVEMAKONNEN) (Original Version)
  13. Live Forever
  14. ghost boy
  15. Keep My Coo
  16. white tee (ft. Lil Tracy)
  17. cobain (ft. Lil Tracy)
  18. witchblades (ft. Lil Tracy)
  19. walk away as the door slams (acoustic) (ft. Lil Tracy)

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