Today, Los Angeles band Junior Varsity release their dynamic new EP SIDE B. Listen HERE via Warner Records. The duo of Greg Varteresian and Zach Michel follow up last year’s bristling self-titled EP with a second set of genre-blurring tracks that echo the agitation of the world around them. Highlights include recent singles “I’m Not a Boy,” “Rushh,” and “Share Ur Feelings.” 

Powered by adrenaline and distortion, Junior Varsity blend anthemic alt-rock, nostalgic pop-punk, and pure electronic noise into a cathartic six-track collection that never lets up. “I wrote a song today, it doesn’t end,” Varteresian sings with weary intensity on the opening track, “Tamarin.” That song’s urgency carries through to the closer “I’m Not a Boy,” the duo’s scrappiest slice of punk energy yet. 

In between, the disorienting “Singapore” and brooding rock anthems “Rushh” and “Share Ur Feelings” reveal more of the band’s restless experimental streak—which also shines through in their stunning self-directed music videos. Watch the video for “Rushh” HERE and “Share Ur Feelings” HERE

With SIDE B, it’s easy to see why Pigeons & Planes included the band as one of their “Artists to Watch in 2022. “The build-up has been long and steady,” they wrote. “And Junior Varsity is ready to detonate.” 

That rise began at the duo’s now (in)famous underground A F$*KING WEEKEND shows, which allowed them to develop their sound in front of a live audience and invite charismatic guests such as AG Club, Babyxsosa, Deb Never, Jean Dawson, and Gus Dapperton, to name a few. By the time Junior Varsity dropped their long-awaited debut single, 2021’s “Cold Blood,” they had already racked up a substantial following from coast to coast. 

Their fan base grew even larger when the band made national news after draping a giant cow head over the first “O” on the iconic Hollywood sign to celebrate that first release. Just a few months later, they unveiled their self-titled debut EP, which earned widespread acclaim and generated nearly 10 million streams. Now, with the release of SIDE BJunior Varsity is ready to bring their special music to an even bigger audience.


1. Tamarin

2. Singapore

3. Rushh

4. Cody Prince

5. Share Ur Feelings

6. I’m Not a Boy

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