January Jane Releases Intoxicating Your Drug EP via Whiskey Vinyl/BMG


You could say that New York City is essentially acting as a fourth member of alternative pop band January Jane. The trio that makes up the band (lead vocalist/lyricist Pat Via, guitarist Mitch Mitchell, and keyboardist Peter Scialla) all met through various gatherings in and around NYC and the band even hung out of their Midtown Manhattan studio windows with microphones to capture the sounds of the city for their Your Drug EP (out today: September 17, 2021viaWhiskey Vinyl/BMG)

January Jane  
Your Drug EP

(artwork hi -res)

1. Your Drug
2. Addicted To The Night
3. NYC
4. I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)
5. Versions Of You

Every track on the EP is overflowing with melodies that are at once smooth yet highly textured and seamlessly blended with unapologetically emotional lyrics with escalating chorus that reach anthemic heights. The EP carries a sneaky familiarity that is immediate and enduring. 

“These songs are the ups and downs of love, the nightlife, the city’s ability to take you places you never thought you could go,” Via exclaims.

“From the euphoria of falling head over heels, while in over your head (‘Your Drug’), to the amalgamation of endless nights in a place that truly never sleeps (‘Addicted to the Night’) and to the moment of arrival (‘NYC’) where the beginning of dreams and aspirations, the moment as you approach the skyline, you realize you’re in New York City, anything can come true.” 

Elsewhere on the EP, the “spirited” (Variety) cover of the Hall & Oates hit “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” updates the ‘80s hit by adding a modern cinematic swirl while lead single “Versions of You” features fluid melodies that has That Grape Juice calling it “one of the most dance-worthy and infectious tunes of the year.” 

“Versions of You” had spent numerous weeks on Billboard‘s Top 40 HOT AC charts and received support from the likes of MTV Spankin’ New, MTV Live, MTVU, Music Choice Hit List, Chorus.fm, and Hollywood Life, who praises it by saying it has “the energy of a supernova.” 

“The songs on this EP introduce the incredible combination of Mitch Mitchell’s riffs and melodies with Pat Via’s powerfully emotive vocals,” adds legendary musicologist/KLOS DJ Matt Pinfield (who signed January Jane to his Whiskey Vinyl label). 

“The infectious grooves on these tracks display their influences and love for ’80s rock and pop while sounding undeniably modern and perfect for the ’20s.”

While the tracks off the EP were created over a span of four or five years’ and across various time zones, Via says, they’ve always stayed true to the vision of this EP: “wanting to take the listener on a ride through our experience in New York City. These songs are ready for the resurgence of people, the incredible place we call home, and the world. Hopefully we can play our part in the soundtrack of that.”

Mitchell adds, “Our music is certainly a smörgåsbord of our lived experiences in NYC… we hope, a scrumptious and delicious representation of these events… A late-night party in New York City – champagne, Gray’s Papaya and all the fun, with none of the hangover.

These 5 songs are chock-full of emotion: exuberance, loneliness, consternation… hunger.” NYSMusic praises the band’s “consistent infectious energy” on the EP and says the exciting mixture of 80’s throwback and modern electro pop act as a “perfect soundtrack for the dancefloor and exciting midnight drive.” 
Initially formed as a duo after Via and Mitchell met by chance at an art gallery, the two hit it off so well that they decided to start writing music together… immediately. Their chemistry was instantly apparent as they had an outline for their first song sketched out in a mere ten minutes of their first session.

The trio was rounded out by keyboardist Peter Scialla, who they met at a private party in NYC’s trendy Meatpacking District. Scialla was playing piano at the gathering and the two were immediately drawn in and decided to play with him on the spot. As Scialla explains, “We’ve put so much into this band. Now we absolutely want to get it out there in a very big way.”
January Jane‘s Your Drug EP is now out via Whiskey Vinyl/BMG and can be streamed/purchased here: https://januaryjane.lnk.to/YourDrugEPJanuary Jane is currently available for interviews. 

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