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Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, 24-year-old singer and songwriter deryk reveals her debut single “Call You Out” today—listen HERE and watch the video HERE.
“Call You Out” is a song that surreptitiously rides sparse beats and rolling acoustic guitar to construct a woozy, intriguing scenario that lingers long after the song has finished. During the recent lockdown, deryk created, shot and directed her debut video on her mobile phone. Shot in her kitchen cupboards with the help of a red lamp and a delightfully distorting glass jar, “Call You Out” is a powerful statement of intent.
On the song, deryk says, “‘Call You Out’ is about the feeling you get when you’ve missed an opportunity to say something you felt you should have said or could have been said if you’d been quick enough. ‘I fucking wish I’d said that, fuck.’ There’s a shame and frustration that comes with not standing up for yourself or somebody else when you could have but you just froze, lost for words. You end up brewing for a few days, plotting, questioning whether to call them out, and that exact fury is what inspired the song.”
It’s all too rare to discover a new artist who doesn’t acquiesce to the current penchant for in-your-face introductions, but instead chooses to aim squarely at your heart. deryk is one such exception. While the world moves at a dizzying pace all around her, she manages to summon space and instil stillness in her music, as well as deliver a few surprises along the way.
Born in the UK and now based in Auckland, deryk is heavily influenced by British culture in all aspects of her creativity thanks to her mom. Musically, she draws inspiration from powerful female artists, like PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple, Esperanza Spalding, Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and Bjork, as well as her love for Bristol and its culture in the 90’s. deryk has crafted her own sound that feels utterly contemporary while still retaining a hazy, timeless quality. Contributing to that is her production and writing spar, Justyn Pilbrow, whose extensive experience with artists like The Neighbourhood, Chelsea Jade and Halsey helped deryk capture her vison.
The sound of deryk is unique and captivating, moulding distinctive, rhythmic vocal phrasings and visceral lyrics around craftily submerged melodies and ghostly modular tones. Slow music for fast times, space and solace amongst the confusion, a gentle reveal in the age of instant gratification, mordant lines over sumptuous melodies—deryk is something special.

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