Today indie electronic trio ELDER ISLAND releases the “Sacred” music video created through the process of polarized light microscopy. The video was directed by Jordan Martin (Fontaines DC, IDLES, Heavy Lungs, Two Door Cinema Club) and explores how chemical biology governs our emotions in a kaleidoscope of psychedelic visuals effects.

elder island
ELDER ISLAND | Photo credit: Nic Kane

“’Sacred’ was a great opportunity to collaborate with Elder Island again,” Martin says. “We used microscopic imagery with crystalized hormones, vitamins and even blood – elements inspired by the track. Manipulating the microscope to the tempo, we filmed with polarized light to create patterns and landscapes to represent the biochemistry of the body. We wanted to depict different emotional states and include a variety of people to make it universal. As you can’t cast a large number of people during a pandemic, we used AI processing to generate faces to merge with Katy’s face.”

“Sacred is an exploration of behavior through our chemical biology. Working with Jordan Martin we wanted to create a visual celebration of this synergy,” the band adds. “The video is a wonderful artistic impression of emotional flux.”

“Sacred” is the second video collaboration between the band and Director Jordan Martin after the eerie “Feral” video.

“Sacred” is the third video to emerge from Elder Island’s forthcoming album campaign for Swimming Static. Out May 28, 2021.

swimming static
Swimming Static Album Cover

Elder Island – Swimming Static 
1. Embers
2. Purely Educational
3. Small Plastic Heart
4. Sacred
5. Here Am I
6. Queen Of Kings
7. Feral
8. Intertwine
9. Cannonball
10. Late At Night


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