Zimbabwe-born, UK-based pop sensation Donel shares a sparkling remix of his hit single, “Motion,” by South African producer/DJ Kooldrink, out today on Artistry Records/Warner Records. The remix arrives just a few months after the release of Donel’s radiant debut EP, African Boy Pt. 1Listen HERE

Donel is no stranger to party-starting anthems, but Kooldrink’s spin on “Motion” gives the song a crisp, irresistible groove. Kooldrink shared, “When Max Gousse at the label got in touch – I already knew who Donel was. Zim boys killing it around the world never really go under my radar. Every now and then a producer gets one of those songs that really pulls the best out of them – this was one of those songs. I knew exactly what I had to do. Must say, this song was perfect for the amapiano sound that I’m pushing – and I hope the world receives it the same way I made it, with love.”

The remix offers a glossy fusion of Donel’s pop-powered songwriting with the hypnotizing synths and floaty percussion of amapiano, South Africa’s buzzing and quickly rising style of dance music. It’s buoyant and bright, a perfect match for the sunny outlook Donel offers on the track. “Every new day is a blessing, ain’t got time to be stressin’,” he sings. The energetic new version is bound to set dancefloors ablaze from Birmingham to Cape Town.   Donel signed with Warner in 2020 and released his African Boy Pt. 1 EP in April. The songs have resonated across the world already—the infectious and lighthearted video for “Motion” has already racked up 3.5 million views on YouTube. With his string of recent releases, it’s clear why Prince Harry dubbed Donel “a star of the future” in 2018. There’s still time to get to know him before he starts to burn even brighter. 

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