Australia’s favorite eclectic powerhouses Cosmo’s Midnight today team up with New Zealand’s own master of alternative-R&B, Matthew Young, for new single “It’s Love”, out via Sony Music Australia, RCA Records USA & Black Butter Records UK.

A raw gaze upon the ins and outs of love, Cosmo’s Midnight draw on their finest beat-making with Young at the vocal helm, who unleashes honeyed words over hip-swinging rhythms. Guitar riffs match flicks of bass, while synths hypnotized in groove and a soul-saturated falsetto bloom together in a deluxe chorus to complete the spell. Young’s smooth R&B meets with the duo’s unmistakable sonic touch as if friends from a past life, drawn to meet again.

Cosmo’s Midnight say of the track:
‘’It’s Love’ with Matt is pretty much a mash of styles we’ve enjoyed over the last few years, from manchester sound to disco and funk. The song came about so quickly, we just had this crunchy beat going and cosmo played this really aggressive funky bassline that just sets a really strong pace. When we were writing it in NZ and recording with Matt we felt the song suited a more realistic narrative. About how relationships can turn bad the moment you allow yourself to be vulnerable and that people aren’t necessarily bad but relationships can turn people into someone they weren’t. We often try to have these kind of two-sides to our lyrics and production where the beats are upbeat and dancey but the lyrics are more sombre.”

Accompanying the single is a visual starring all three, draped in pastels and a Miami Vice mood as they bop along to the infectious beat. Fleeting between them the video gives nods to Cosmo’s Midnight’s previous visuals, featuring striking dancers who bring the emotional words to life.

Matthew Young also mentions:
”I think about relationships a lot, romantic or otherwise, and how we keep shit from hitting the fan in the daily negotiations we make with each other. What we’re willing to compromise on, what we’re not – and who we’re willing to make those compromises for. How ‘low-stakes’ turns to ‘high-stakes’ when we give more of ourselves to a person. Sometimes it’s not until you get the whole picture, that you find yourself in the wrong scene. Love can turn you into someone you don’t recognize. Making this song was split over 4 ‘sessions’ with quite a few gaps in between. Highlights of the journey include: swimming in our undies, talking about Mob Psycho and Haikyu!! and eating cheeseburgers.”

Cosmo’s Midnight have repeatedly drip fed new music to a wide fan base across the year, kicking off with “C.U.D.I (Can U Dig It)”, which has now reached over 6.5 million global streams, following a country-wide tour with St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Next arrived “Have It All” feat. Age.Sex.Location, previewing a lush disco-leaning sound previously untouched by the duo, before taking to the stage at Splendor in the Grass and across September’s Listen Out tour. 2019 has also seen their debut performance on Like A Version with a killer rendition of Moloko’s “Sing It Back”, ahead of a wild national tour that saw sell out shows at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre and Melbourne’s The Forum.

In 2018, the duo found their stride on the road to their widely-acclaimed debut, triple j Feature Album What Comes Next, which featured music friends galore such as Buddy, Tove Styrke, Winston Surfshirt and more, and solidified their mark in a globally-reaching audience. Favourites “History”, Talk To Me” and “Get To Know” have since joined 2015’s “Walk With Me” with a gold-certified status, in a space of just 6 months. Matthew Young returns this year on the latest track, following a huge 2018 with the release of his highly-praised EP Fruit and his first Australian tour. Previously, he’s also supported Lorde on her Melodrama Tour in New Zealand, and appeared at the Laneway Presents ARIA week showcase.

Cosmo’s Midnight are in the midst of an Asian tour, before diving into the summer season with upcoming sets at Falls Festival Byron Bay and Party in the Paddock in 2020. As the pair’s fanbase has grown so has their ability to bend between new eras, genres and production with ease, “It’s Love” marking yet another exciting turn that gets better with each listen.

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