“When I first put out the MEGA EP as a limited edition, it was to satisfy the requests from fans who were asking for new music,” shares Cormega. The EP featuring production by Streetrunner was released as a surprise and fans lit up with excitement! But as suddenly as it appeared, it disappeared from all streaming platforms leaving those who hadn’t purchased it empty-handed. “I had been promising to release new music and put out the Mega EP to keep my promise. When I took it off platforms, I was overwhelmingly surprised by the reaction. I didn’t know people wanted it back like that,” shares Cormega. “The demand for the MEGA EP is what motivated me to officially release it for streaming and digital purchase. This time the remastered version will be available on all platforms with additional new songs.”

The MEGA EP features 7 songs including “City Of God” ft Sheek Louch of The Lox and “Fast Livin.” The only other feature comes from long time collaborator, Havoc who makes an appearance on “Live Your Best Life.” Mega’s lyrics on new song, “Fast Livin,” A coward dies a thousand times; he never lived it. Outside of rhymes, I’m The Realest that ever did it,” speak from the perspective of someone who actually earned their stripes in the streets. “One of reasons why the pictures I paint in my lyrics are very vivid is because they come from my real life! I wanted to make one of the most real songs ever about life, the rules of the streets, and how we really lived,” shares Mega. “Real recognizes real!” Cormega calls “On Everything (I Try)” one of the more complicated songs he’s ever recorded.”Lyrically and production-wise ‘On Everything’ pushed me out of my comfort zone and revealed what I’m really made of.”

Below is the tracklisting for Mega, the 7 track EP produced entirely by Grammy Award winning multi-platinum producer, Street Runner avail everywhere on April 10th.

  1. Say No More
  2. On Everything (I Try)
  3. Live Your Best Life ft Havoc
  4. Genuine Article
  5. Empty Promises
  6. City Of God ft Sheek Louch
  7. Fast Livin

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