June 30, 2022 – With a seismic and showstopping voice, larger-than-life presence, and fearless fashion sense, 17 year old singer-songwriter Benicio Bryant releases his new single and video “I Can’t Dance To This” today via Arista Records.

In the track, Benicio laces his enigmatic pop R&B sound with a much deeper message to be your authentic self. Benicio adds, “Creating everything for ‘Can’t Dance to This’ was absolutely magical. When we were writing this song, I kept thinking about a music video for it and what I wanted to wear. For me this song is powerful in a way because it’s really about confidence. To be our true self and not worry about what others think. In the song, when I say ‘watch me’, I feel like that says it all. I’m so grateful for everyone who helped put it all together, sonically and visually.”

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