Coming off of the release of their critically-acclaimed debut album Daydream, Australian pop-country trio THE BUCKLEYS have returned with a brand new single “Oops I Love You” which is available today, June 3, 2022viaPetrol Records/Universal Records/UMe.  Recorded at Nashville’s iconic East Iris Studios earlier this Spring, “Oops I Love You” finds the chart-topping band in a fun-loving ,joyous playful mood. The song can be streamed/purchased here:

“Interestingly, this song actually started out on bass,” says vocalist Sarah Buckley, oldest sibling to the Buckley family trio which includes Lachlan (guitars) and Molly (keyboards).  “I was jamming with our youngest brother Dylan (15 yo) on drums just for fun and I started playing this bassline which you hear in the song. We kept jamming and when I brought it to Lachlan and Molly as just a bass and drum groove, they loved the direction, so we all started playing around with some ideas and the melodies started to take form.”

Traveling from their native Byron Bay, Australia to Nashville earlier this year to write and record the upcoming EP TAKE IT AS IT COMES (release date: August 5, 2022) with producer Chad Carlson (Trisha Yearwood, Taylor Swift, Lady A), Sarah pulled out the basics of the song and revisited it in the studio.  “We kept it in our back pocket to show to our producer Chad where we were going. We were in the studio and I started singing ‘Oops I love you’ as the chorus and everyone picked up on it and I guess we ran with it!”

A breezy pop confection that pushes the band forward from their “Hippy Country” roots that put them on the map with their chart-topping debut album Daydream, “Oops I Love You” is further proof of their command of uptempo, feelgood beats and melodies. “What has been so great about this new project is that we’ve spent a lot of time writing together, just the three of us, and really been able to define where we want to go and want to say,” Sarah explains about the creative process. “Bringing our vision and ideas to some of our brilliant creative friends and collaborators in Nashville has given this new project a whole new grit, we feel. Walking into the studio with a cohesive vision between us is so important and being able to take that to a whole new level through collaboration is something really special.”

Proceeding to tackle the U.S. market, The Buckleys’ Stateside highlights include a performance on The ACM Weekly and add on Radio Disney Country with their single “I’m Comin’ For Ya (Love),” and a CMT Music USA add for their video “Breathe.”   The band created a groundswell in their country with each of their four released singles charting in the Top Five of Australian country radio. Their first single “Daydream,” catapulted the trio into the limelight, scoring a #1 single on Australian country radio, which was followed by the second single, “I’m Comin’ For Ya (Love),” which reached #3. Their worldwide debut single “Money” reached #2 and its follow up “Breathe” at #3.

As international touring opportunities became limited in 2020, the band found another way to tap into a much larger market. The Buckleys became one of the first bands to capture a global audience in the midst of a pandemic, with their groundbreaking world virtual tour achieving a ‘virtual reach’ of more than 4.5 million. Presented by Live Nation, the world virtual tour was developed in conjunction with Live Nation and the band’s Australian label, Petrol. Performing individually curated shows in North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, India, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, performances were streamed on Live Nation’s Live From Home and House of Blues’ and their partners social media platforms. Through these online channels, they were able to recreate the personalized “live” experience, during a time of social distancing.

Having been away from actual touring since the start of the pandemic, The Buckleys are hoping that the release of this single and EP will herald a new beginning of exciting new music and future live performances, especially in America.  “It feels like a natural evolution from where we left things off with Daydream in 2020,” Molly says excitedly, hopeful that touring can be a large part of their gameplan.  Adds Lachlan, “We’ve all grown a lot as individuals, songwriters, musicians and together as a band since recording our debut album. We are experiencing a new chapter in our lives, which you hear in the music.” Optimistic and hopeful, Sarah concludes, “We really want to get out on the road, play as much as we can, meet as many people as we can and soak in all the experiences.”

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