LOVA "Daddy Issues" Video out now
LOVA “Daddy Issues” Video out now

Racking up over 13 million streams in the last six months, rising 21-year-old Swedish pop singer and songwriter LOVA provokes pop and thought on her brand-new EP, A Gentleman’s Guide, available today. In addition to dropping the EP, she uncovers her latest anthem and video entitled “Daddy Issues” via Billboard. Once again, the empowering artist inverts the narrative (like only she can) over glassy beats with clever quips and sticky hooks. This time around, our heroine tells an unheard, yet necessary story:

“With ‘Daddy Issues,’ I’m trying to start a dialogue with the dads in the world—especially dads with sons,” LOVA explains. “I want to remind them how important it is to set a good example for their children: to teach them how to treat, not just girls, but people in general. I’m hoping that this song can inspire dads to be more open with their sons and teach them the strength in being vulnerable, respectful, and kind.

In the music video, LOVA quite literally ignites this crucial conversation. Utilizing an old red rotary phone, she chats with previous generation of men, imploring them to make a change and pass on a different set of traditions from the current guard to the next. The cinematic clip lives up to her promise. She adds, “The phones make the whole thing feel so much more conversational and honest, which is exactly what I want to achieve with this song.”

It’s just the first phase of this conversation though. In fact, it took a young woman to reimagine fathering and manhood in the scope of a focused, fiery, and feisty five-song EP. She first teased out the project with the one-two punch of the empowering single “My Name Isn’t” [9.3 million streams] and its equally insightful and irresistible follow-up “I Can Do Better” [1.8 million streams].

Elsewhere, the project boasts new tracks such as “Loud,” which seesaws between a sing-song verse over video game-style keys into a handclap-driven confession, “I won’t apologize.” On the other end of the spectrum, “PS” pairs acoustic guitar and glitchy beats with her swaggering delivery, culminating on the refrain, “PS, I don’t owe you anything.”

LOVA sums up the EP best as “a voice for all the strong but incredibly tired women, a call for the world’s attention and a call to all men. Every song on this EP will be directed at a specific group of men or a type of guy that I’ve encountered during my teenage years but also as a female artist/songwriter in the music industry. You could say that it’s a sort of ‘do’s and don’ts’ list of how you should (and should not) act.”

Heed her words on A Gentleman’s Guide. It’s bound to be essential listening this fall and a long time to come.

LOVA emerged as Sweden’s most in-demand new musical export in 2018 with a combination of truthful and thought-provoking lyrics and massive melodies. Following the arrival of her debut EP Scripted Reality, she quickly garnered the praise of The Guardian, Refinery29, GQ, Idolator, EARMILK, Hillydilly and more. Not to mention, P3—Sweden’s biggest radio station—named her breakthrough single “You Me and The Silence” as its “most played song of the year by a Swedish artist”, with cumulative streams totaling nearly 11 million and counting. Additionally, she received a nomination in the category of “Best New Artist” at the P3 Guld Awards—Sweden’s equivalent of the BRIT Awards. Plus, YouTube Music proclaimed her an “Artist to Watch” for 2019.

This year, she’s providing a powerful perspective on pop with a purpose.

A Gentleman’s Guide Tracklisting
1. “Daddy Issues”
2. “My Name Isn’t”
3. “PS”
4. “Loud”
5. “I Can Do Better”

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